Mittens: Crackhead Orderly at CPAC

A contribution of Greg G.:

Mittens, a crackhead working in an insane asylum, drives to work in his station wagon with his dog and kids in a luggage rack fastened to the roof.  He works as an orderly at the CPAC Institute for the Very, Very Delusional.  He smokes up in the parking lot and heads in for the night shift he had bid for hoping to avoid supervisors and be able to work on his hand sewn special religious night garments while pretending to write in the log book in the staff office.  He thought Rand, Sarah and Beck (back warders with no hope of ever being discharged) were all sleeping as they were to have taken their anti-psychotic meds with Big Nurse on the previous shift, but they all apparently hid the pills under their tongues and spit them out once they left the medication room.  Now at 3a.m. they were in the day room watching a DVD of “Freaks” and getting rambunctious.  They had come to identify with Hans, The Feathered Hen, and a microcephalic and wanted to explore some issues they had been fomenting that had to do with Mittens lack of concern for their way of seeing things.  Mittens tried to get them back to bed, but they overpowered him and soon he was renamed the Dog-Faced Boy and was no longer on staff but just one more freak in their carny show.

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