Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics

Spare us, please, any talk about how she is a tough fiscal conservative.

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Tell The Media to Call Sarah Palin a Serial Liar

Join me in signing the “Tell The Media to Call Sarah Palin a Serial Liar” petition at:

You can help make this petition a success by sharing this petition with your friends and family. Petitions will succeed only by word of mouth, and every signature makes a difference! Simply send your friends this link:

Thank you again for making a difference!

Bob Fertik

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Palin Coward Clock Starts Ticking

<a href=”″&gt; Sarah Palin is an able liar, as her acceptance speech showed. </a>She may be a coward, too, at least when it comes to facing down the reporters she blasted from the comfort of that solitary podium in St. Paul.

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77+ Things To Know About Sarah Palin

Here’s what vetting a candidate on issues looks like John McCain and the Republican media that continues to protect the Republican Party.

Be aware that the media and Sarah spewer of hate Palin are going to try to falsely claim that liberal bloggers are attacking her children and that Palin is being attacked because of her gender. It’s a smear. Here are the issues and facts we are exposing about her. That’s much different.

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